Museum Guide

 Project name: Museum Guide


Principal researcher name: Dr. Tsvi Kuflik, Julia Sheidin, Sadek Jbara, Dr. Dina Goren-Bar, Dr. Pnina Soffer, Management Information Systems


Prof. Oliviero Stock, Massimo Zancanaro, FBK/irst, Provo, Italy


Invention area: Information Technology



Visitors to museums are often found in groups, mainly with family or friends, yet most of today's mobile museum guides focus on supporting the individual visitor.




The Museum Guide provides context-aware services aimed at supporting groups of visitors.


The system allows visitors to communicate with other members of their group. They can send predefined messages about exhibits they find especially interesting, or leave "Post-Its" on an exhibit they would like the others to notice. The system actively ensures that visitors see "crucial exhibits" with "don't miss this" messages. Messages are sent to visitors regarding the nearest "must see" exhibits that seem to be of interest and that have not been visited.


Market & Applications:


Museums, exhibits, trade shows, conferences, fairs


The system is used by Hecht museum visitors, and is installed for evaluation in a few other museums in Israel