Green Roofs

The Kadas Green Roofs Ecology Center

Principal researcher name: Dr.Shay Levy
Invention area: Environment & Cleantech

Background: Green roofs or living roofs – i.e. roofs that contain growing substrate and vegetation - can mitigate many of the negative environmental impacts that urban environments create. “Green” services that they can provide include:

  • thermal insulation for buildings which decreases energy use for heating and cooling
  • mitigating a heat island effect
  • mitigating carbon dioxide build-up and climate change
  • aesthetic qualities of natural beauty and recreational space
  • filters for gray water and storm-water runoff
  • mitigation local plots for agriculture and medicinal plants;
  • Increased efficiency of photovoltaic panels by lowering roof temperatures
  • Critical habitat in otherwise highly limited urban environments to house ecological communities thus aiding in preserving biodiversity
    (both species diversity and genetic diversity).


Carmel Ltd. is looking for potential partners and/or investors in this area. Please Contact us for further information. 


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