Diagnosis Method for Brain-hand Function-Dysfunction

Project name: Diagnosis Method for Brain-hand Function-Dysfunction


Principal researcher name: Prof. Sara Rosenblum

Invention area: Education & Humanities


Background: Handwriting as a medium of communication is acomplex human activity that appears to be an outward manifestation of the individual's perceptual-motor abilities. Collecting objective data regarding people’s these abilities through handwriting performance is important for various purposes such as the classification of people into appropriate professions, refinement of certain medical diagnoses, identification of how drugs influence disease processes, educational assessment and intervention and even legal purposes.

Despite the benefits of digitizer technology for handwriting evaluation and intervention process among varied populations, digitizers are not accessible yet for clinical use.


 Invention: ComPET (Computerized Penmanship Evaluation Tool) is a diagnostic method using handwriting process measures and supplementary self-reporting questionnaires as a system for analyzing dysfunctions.


The method relies on analytical methods from mathematics and signal processing for sophisticated data collection and analysis. A laptop integrated with the digitizer forms a unique diagnostic and rehabilitation system.


Handwriting can be monitored in real time and stored in a format that allows spatial, temporal, and pressure measures. ComPET can distinguish when children with ADHD are both on and off medication, and it is sensitive to the aging process and different phases of Alzheimer's.


Applications: Diagnosing and monitoring varied disease (as for example Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis (MS), depression, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)), human classification, educational evaluation and intervention and legal pupuses.

Intellectual Property: The invention is protected by a patent.


 Market: Mild Cognitive Impairment including Alzheimer's diseases is a major challenge for pharma companies seeking cure. in order to prove improvement in the treatment, the company needs to prove improvement from baseline.


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